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About Us

I have worked in the Automotive industry for over 20 years so cars, 4wds and motorbikes have always been my passion. I was always after ways to improve them which is how this all started. We are a small business that started in early 2012 doing a few retrofits for mates in the shed which was more of a hobby then anything. After a while one thing let to another and I thought I'd take it to the next level and start this business. I never really thought it would take off like it has so now not only are we selling the products world wide we are actually retrofitting lights for customers all over the world.

We are still a small business and every customer gets personal service and can contact me anytime whether it be for a quote or if you get stuck halfway though a retrofit and need advice. We offer everything from the basic bolt in kit, to the more custom and complex kits to selling the lights pre-fitted to your specs. We can also retrofit your lights for you so all you need to do is fit the headlights, fit the plug and play loom and do the final adjustments and your done. I also have guys all over Australia which can do retrofits and installs if you don’t want to attempt it yourself of simply don’t have the time.

- Michael Low