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Halos: Morimoto XC (RGB)

Sales price: $ 100.00
Angel Eyes


XC LED Remote & Receiver

PLEASE NOTE: First-time users will need to purchase the optional ColorControl Remote/Receiver and a battery to operate their XC LED system. You can then expand with up to two more XC sets without the ColorControl parts if desired.

No Sacrifice: Although the Morimoto XC LED System certainly isn't the first entry to the market for color-changing LED Halos; it's the most thought-out and refined, making it the most advanced. Flexibility. Reliability. Intensity. Uniformity. Simplicity. Functionality. Last but not least; affordability. Nothing has been sacrificed.

Best of Both Worlds: The innovative Hybrid-LED color-changing technology delivers a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's almost six straight years! Because they're based on much more stable and mature SMD-LEDs; they are considerably more reliable between hot/cold cycles compared to "new" COB based products. When lit up they produce the perfectly seamless look of COB Halos, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

XC LED Family: With their proprietary 5-wire setup, each ColorControl receiver is capable of controlling up to three sets of XC Rings, XC Strips, XC Demon Eyes, or a combination of the three. It will allow users to change between 12 preset colors, and also has strobe and fade programs. Best of all: When re-started, the setup will default to it's last setting, not some random rave-mode that'll get you pulled over instantly.

Plug n Play:Unlike competing RGB "systems" that require complicated wiring from the user's side, the XC LED setup is 100% Plug n Play. There is no wire stripping, cutting, or splicing involved. The system works from an RF signal, so there is no need to go out of your way to mount the signal receiver in "view" of the remote. All components are weather resistant, so mount them wherever you wish. Ghetto Riggers beware!

High Class: In traditional Morimoto style; All wiring in the XC LED kit is insulated by rubber tubing and wrapped in a two-tone black and gold mesh for an OEM-like appearance, durability, and abrasion resistance. The control gear is housed inside an aluminum housing that's been anodized with an attractive piano black finish and then laser engraved. Make sure your setup looks good inside and out!

Size Matters: Doing a projector retrofit and not sure which size XSB halo you'll need for your shrouds? Just ask Mick via email or check out this Check out our Sizing Guide!


2 x Angel Eyes: XC LED (RGB)
1 x Regulator: XC LED (Dual Output)
1 x RGB Controller: XC ColorControl
1 x RGB Remote: XC LED Multi-Function
Warranty: 3 Years



RGB Systems: Morimoto XC LED Only



RF Frequency: 44
Remote Range: 300 feet
PCB Material: Aluminum
Housing Material: Extruded Aluminum
PCB Width:
PCB Thickness: 3mm
Modes: Strobe, Flash, Fade
Light Source: RGB SMD LED
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Battery Required:


DIY Guide

Cutting InvolvedCutting involved: Application Depoendent

1 hrs Install TimeTime to install: 2 hours (estimate)